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Damstra Pty Ltd.
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We are a leader in workforce management, compliance, and safety management with a
unique web-based Total Workforce Management System (TWMS).

About TWMS

Total Workforce Management System

Track · Manage · Protect

Our TWMS is designed to allow you to manage your workforce in the most effective
manner possible. Now in operation at over 500 sites Nation wide.

Truly Web Based

This allows us the flexibility to have a centrally managed data store, providing tracking across work-sites, while still providing easy access to this information via the Web, On-Site Touch Screens, Hand Held PDAs, and more.

One Web Interface

TWMS combines Visitor Management and Contractor/Permanent Employee Management into the single system, the one web interface and automated alerting and reporting system is universal across the board.

Automatic Alcohol Testing

TWMS can manage blood alcohol issues with Alcolizers programmed to allow mandatory or random alcohol testing at the point of login. With instant alerting systems, you can manage and minimise alcohol related incidents and many other risks in the workplace.

Automated Alert System

Instant alerts and warnings via Email, Fax, or SMS. These alerts are triggered based on site-specific rules, including: Exceeding 14-Hours on-site, Logging in without a required skill set or induction, Logging in to an area in which they are unauthorised, and upcoming Induction & Skill Expiry.

Suits Any Business Type

Suited to the smallest of offices to the largest of sites, the Total Workforce Management System is highly configurable, and can scale to suit any needs or business type.

Greatest Technology

Our TWMS is driven by some of the latest and greatest hardware and software, to provide an unparalleled service, speed and reliability to our end users.

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Our system is driven by some of the latest and greatest hardware and software, to provide an unparalleled service, speed and reliability to our end users.

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Our on-site devices are able to operate for days without network connectivity, completely transparent to the users. This allows our devices to operate without fail in even the harshest of environments.

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Powered by Microsoft SQL Server, our servers are the key to providing you with access to your data 24/7 from the internet. Compatible devices include: on-site touch screens, hand-held PDAs, mobile smart-phones, iPads, and more.

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Operating from a central location, we provide our service from a redundant array of servers, via High-Speed redundant internet links.

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On-Site hardware and our back-end data collection software is powered by the world leader in Time and Attendance Technology KRONOS, incorporating biometric technology and proximity card solutions.

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All of our system is powered and network fault tolerant, with full-scale, off-site backups performed daily, and dual stages of internet fail-over connectivity via ADSL and Satellite. This allows us to guarantee an unmatched level of uninterrupted serivice to our clients.

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Integrated Breath Testing is also an option with wall-mountable automated breathalyser units. You can control the frequency and level of testing.

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We connect directly to client sites via hardware encypted VPN links, secured by hardware from Cisco Systems. We can also supply temporary or permanent connections to remote sites via the 3G wireless network, or Satellite technology.

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Our Touch Screen software and fully automated back-end processing system for Alerting and Tracking is developed entirely in-house by our IT Department.

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Ultra-fast Visitor & Contractor sticker printing in full-colour or black & white, depending on your needs.

Bookings & Registrations

To begin the booking or registration process, you must first log into your TWMS Company Portal account.
Every company that intends to conduct work on one of our client sites is required to register once with Damstra for a free TWMS Portal account, then register or book their employees to for inductions and training as required by site.

All of this is done via the TWMS Company Portal.

If you have already registered your company, use the Log in button. If you have not yet registered your company, use the Create Company Portal account button.
If you have registered your company, but don't know the current logon details, please click the Log on button, and then select Forgotten Password.

To view information about each site and our clients, as well as accessing Paperwork, processes, online training courses and booking schedules, please click on the client below.

Our Client Sites


News & Updates

Try Online Booking

We are excited to announce the launch of our Online Booking System. You can:

  • Access it through the TWMS Portal
  • Book all your employees' training
  • Track their booking statuses
  • Receive updates about each booking
  • Manage your bookings 24/7

Introducing QR Codes

You'll see QR Codes on all new TWMS Access cards. With the QR Code you can:

  • View your inductions
  • See which skills you have in TWMS
  • Look up your competencies
  • Check induction expiries

Use TWMS Portal

The TWMS Portal is a free service that provides you with 24/7 access to:

  • Alerting for expiry information
  • Employee timecards
  • See who is on which site and when
  • Update your company details
  • Time and money savings
Damstra Pty. Ltd.

Damstra Pty Ltd. has a local origin in Singleton, NSW, Australia.

We provide Workforce Management Systems to both local and international companies with a presence in all states of Australia.

Damstra Pty Ltd. has made a significant mark on the way companies handle both site contractor safety and time management, as well as permanent employees.

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General Manager:

Christian Damstra

IT Manager:

Serban Kramers

Operations Manager:

Phil O'Grady

National CRM:

Sonya Castle

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Phone: 0428 741 813