Total Workforce Management System

The Total Workforce Management System is designed to allow you to manage your workforce in the most effective manner possible. Now in operation at over 100 sites Nation wide. We are providing services to operations across Australia. Further System sales regularly come from recommendations of existing sites and clients. This allows for increased development and adaptation. Our Total Workforce Management System is now the most highly evolved, truly Web Based, and capable systems on the market.

Suited to the smallest of offices to the largest of sites, the Total Workforce Management System is highly configurable, and can scale to suit any needs or business type.

The Total Workforce Management System provides answers to the following important questions:

  • Who is allowed on my site?
  • Who is on my site right now?
  • Who has been on my site?
  • What are their Emergency Contact Details?
  • Is my Workforce Competent?
  • What is the Proof of their Competency?
  • Are they fit for duties, eg. Fatigue and Alcohol level?

Using TWMS, you can allow or deny people access to your site based on:

  • Skills
  • Competencies
  • Induction Status
  • Appointment

We Provide:

TWMS is the only truly web based product on the market. This allows us the flexibility to have a centrally managed data store, providing tracking across work-sites, while still providing easy access to this information via the Web, On-Site Touch Screens, Hand Held PDAs, and more.

Our automated alerting system can provide you with instant alerts and warnings via Email, Fax, or SMS. These alerts are triggered based on site-specific rules, including: Exceeding 14-Hours on-site, Logging in without a required skill set or induction, Logging in to an area in which they are unauthorised, and upcoming Induction & Skill Expiry.

Since TWMS combines Visitor Management and Contractor/Permanent Employee Management into the single system, the one web interface and automated alerting and reporting system is universal across the board.

Automated Breath Testing for alcohol is a welcome addition to TWMS. This allows you to set rules for percentages of Visitors, Contractors and Employees to be tested.

Some Examples of Sites Using TWMS:

Xstrata Coal Ravensworth Operations

Xstrata Ravensworth Operations installed the Damstra Mining Services Total Workforce Management System in March of 2003. This system has provided the Ravensworth Operations Mine Site with an extremely reliable and accurate Workforce Management System, replacing a system of books and manual paperwork.

All persons who are required to work on the mine site must undergo a fully customised site safety induction, and are subject to an in depth skills verification process prior to commencing work. TWMS makes tracking and automating much of this process painless for the staff of Ravensworth Operations.

Thiess MT Owen Mine

TWMS replaced an alternate Contractor Management System in June of 2004. This system has provided the Mount Owen Mine Site with incomparable levels of reliability and accuracy.

Thanks to the powerful configurability of the TWMS Advanced Automation, we can provide Mt.Owen Mine site with automated Induction Extensions, based on the number of hours each contractor has worked on site.

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